One call,One e-mail… we’ll be delight!


Customers asking us,“can you do something like this?”

becomes our company’s strength.


“We want to put somthing this thin into the box.”
“The items rub together and get damaged in the box,so I want them to fixed in place…”
“I want this to fit perfectry into the box..”


We deal with consultstions and orders by phone and by e-mail,and occasionally customers take
the time to come to the office with their questions.
Some of those requests are for sizes and shapes we’ve never made before.
Alos,sometimes the things they want to put in the boxes, or the way they want to use the boxes,
aren’t something we’ve ever thought about.


When we started to handle colour corugated cardbord, we took pictures from a sample book and
uploaded them to our homepage.

A few months after that ,we suffenly got an inquiry from a customer.
“Would it be possible for you to make pink boxes for dogs out of the colour corrugated cardboard on your homepage?”
“Box for dog cakes?!?”
We were surprised enough by the dog cakes,but we were astonished again by the request
for packing boxes made from pink corrugated cardboard.
You might be thinking “why were you so surprised?”
Mainly we use colour corrugated cardboard for gift boxes and food containers.
We don’t usually use it for packing boxes used for deliveries.


For we who are totally immersed in the cardboard industry,the amazement of using colour
cardboard to make packing boxes taught us the idea of defying the norm.
After that,we had several meeting with the customer,and we finally came up with this product.


Because of the custmer’s strong desire to deloiver a cute box to dogs and their owners,
we’ve finished making a box that’s never been made until this moment.


It is diffrent requests from customers like this,that enable us to do things we couldn’t think of
or do before, and it becomes our strength.
Sometimes we may think,”Huh? Can we really make this box?” ,
but all the staff want to put their heads together to find the best solution for customer.

“We need cardboard boxes”
“We want to send some products, but I don’t have any boxes”
Please feel free to contact us if this is your situation!
All of our products are made to order.
In the case of rush order ,we have 6 sotock types available.